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The oral histories are temporarily down for maintenance.

A sampling of our oral histories are available here in our digital library. All transcribed histories are searchable in the library’s catalog. Not all recordings have been digitized or transcribed. 

Alder and Brooks Oral History Collection (ABC), 1991-2016

Interviews conducted during research for the Centennial County History Series book A History of Washington County: From Isolation to Destination by Douglas D. Alder and Karl F. Brooks. Alder later contributed more local history interviews to this collection.

Extent: 68 

Citizens for Dixie’s Future Oral History Collection (CFDF), 2013-2014

A small collection of personal history interviews by Milton Hokanson.

Extent: 5

Dawn Martindale Research on the Virgin River Oral History Collection (DMRVR), 2000

Interviews of locals who lived along the Virgin River.

Extent: 2

Delmar D. Gott Oral History Collection (DDG), 1958-1987

Delmar D. Gott, former director of the library, contacted local residents and community leaders and person­ally recorded interviews, guest speakers, and lectures, and collected recordings from other locals to be archived.

Extent: 49

Dixie Pioneers and Storytellers Oral History Collection (DPST), 1979-2017

This growing collection consists of recordings of local history classes conducted by ICL (Institute for Continued Learning) through the auspices of Dixie State University [Utah Tech University] for retirees in the local community. Participants presented on a wide range of topics.

Extent: 182

Dixie State College of Utah Oral History Collection (DSCUA), 1975-1995

Recordings of events taking place at Dixie State College of Utah, or interviews pertaining to the school.

Extent: 11

Douglas D. Alder Oral History Collection (ADCH), 1999-2017

Oral history interviews conducted by Douglas D. Alder of local residents.

Extent: 31

Fundamentalist Mormon Oral History Project (FMOHP), 2019

Interviews with current and former members of the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints community in Hildale, formerly Short Creek, Utah.

Extent: 9

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument Oral History Collection (GCPNM), 1970-2017

Through a partnership with the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, National Park Service/Bureau of Land Management Office, St. George, Utah, interviews about ranching on the Arizona Strip were conducted by GCPNM staff. A small, personal collection of interviews was also donated by rancher Wally Mathis.

Extent: 61

Helen (Bundy) Russell Arizona Strip Oral History Collection (HBRC), 1972-1993

Helen (Bundy) Russell and relatives recorded a number of interviews, LDS church services, Bundy family reunions and genealogy meetings, and audio journals.

Extent: 253

Kelton Hafen Oral History Collection (KHC), 1979-2013

Oral history interviews with area residents conducted by Kelton Hafen.

Extent: 46

Local History Oral History Collection (LHC), 2021-

Interviews focused on local history from various donors.

Extent: 1

Marilyn White Veteran Oral Histories (MWV), 2003-2004

Student interviews with local veterans. 

Extent: 24

Motion Picture Production in Washington County Oral History Collection (MPPWC), 2016-2017

Stephen B. Armstrong’s interviews with people who have been involved in movie productions filmed in southern Utah.

Extent: 9

The Pandemic Years: COVID-19 Oral History Collection (PYC), 2020-2021

Student interviews recording individuals’ experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extent: 38

Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon Oral History Collection (PVZC), 2004

A small collection of interviews with locals who grew up in and around, or worked in Zion National Park.

Extent: 21

Portraits of Loss, Stories of Hope Oral History Collection (PLSH), 2005-2006

Stories were collected by local community members to record personal memories of the 2005 Santa Clara, Virgin River flood and compiled for the Portraits of Loss, Stories of Hope book as a fundraiser for victims of the floods. 

Extent: 134

Prince Family Oral History Collection (PFOH), 1971-1980

Oral history interviews with Vilate (Cottam) and Antone Benjamin Prince.

Extent: 5

Randall J. Bunn Oral History Collection (RJBC), 2017-2019

Interviews with veterans now living in the southern Utah area.

Extent: 19

Sons of Utah Pioneers Oral History Collection (SUP), 2012

Interviews conducted by representatives of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

Extent: 2

University Archives Oral History Collection (UAOH), 2019

Interviews conducted by Utah Tech Special Collections & Archives personnel.

Extent: 1

Utah Dixie Veterans Stories Oral History Collection (UDVS), 2018

Interviews with veterans now living in the southern Utah area.

Extent: 16

Veda Hale Research on Maurine Whipple Collection (VHRMW), 1990-1992

Interviews conducted by Veda Hale while researching Maurine Whipple.

Extent: 10

Voices of Remembrance Foundation Oral History Collection (VOR), 1968-1980

The Voices of Remembrance Foundation interviews focused on recording mainly the spiritual memories of Washington County residents who were sixty years of age and above. The original reel-to-reel tapes are housed in the Special Collections Library, Sherratt Library, Southern Utah University. 

Extent: 438

Washington County Historical Society Oral History Collection (WCHS), 2018-

Oral histories donated by the Washington County Historical Society.

Extent: 3

Washington County History Lecture Series (WCHLS), 1983

Recordings of presentations given at the Washington County Historical Lecture Series.

Extent: 5

Washington City (Utah) Historical Society Oral History Collection (WUHSC), 1999-2005

Oral histories donated by the Washington City Historical Society.

Extent: 9