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Thank you for visiting Heritage Cove! The exhibits below follow the history of St. George, Utah and the growth of Utah Tech University. These exhibits mirror panels found on the Encampment Mall in the center of campus. We celebrate the rich heritage of the area from the Southern Paiute who have lived here from time immemorial to the vibrant communities living here today.

First Peoples

An exhibit dedicated to the First People of the area, the Southern Paiute, or Nung'wu is coming soon!  Utah Tech University...

Manifest Destiny

An exhibit on early Euro-American explorers is coming soon!

Struggle to Thrive

An exhibit on challenges Utah Tech University faced as the institution grew is coming soon!

University Growth

An exhibit on the growth of Utah Tech University is coming soon!

Black Ridge and Sugarloaf

An exhibit on the Black Ridge and Sugarloaf is coming soon!

Poetry and Music

An exhibit dedicated to the rich history of arts and humanities of the area is coming soon!