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Dixie Academy students in costume and holding musical instruments for the opera Robin Hood. It was the third opera performed by the school and it was well received.
A group of male and female students on the stairs of the main entrance of the original Dixie Academy building.
A group of male students in suits and one in military uniform on the north side of the original Dixie Academy building.
The cast of the Billie Taylor operetta, the first opera of Dixie Academy. It was directed by Joseph McAllister and was reported a great success.
Dixie Academy students holding a 1914 class pennant and a champions 1911-12 pennant. Sam Brooks pictured.
Students standing and sitting in a forested area. Transcription on board, "Sitting: Emma Bleak, Ida Webb, Camilla Woodbury, W.W. McArthur, Agusta Carter, Theresa Cannon. Standing: Cornelia Brooks (Allen), Wilford Hancock, Charles Woodbury, Frankā€¦
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