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Correspondence includes: a letter to Juanita Brooks from Betty G. Spencer undated, a Christmas card from Kay, Jeannie and Brian undated, a Christmas card to Juanita Brooks from Ione undated, a Christmas card and picture of Brooks, Ann Terry and…
A typed manuscript by Juanita Brooks titled 'Abraham the Jew and the Mormon War,' undated. Manuscript details the legal battles of Levi Abrams leading up to the "Mormon War" with the federal government in 1857.
A typed manuscript by Juanita Brooks titled 'Across the Nevada Desert,' undated. Manuscript follows the journey of dispatched riders sent to warn and gather available men in the Mormon colonies to prepare for the United States army approaching, the…
A typed manuscript page by Juanita Brooks titled 'And One Other Man' undated. Includes only the second page of the manuscript (in duplicate). Page discusses Tom Brown, invovled in an attempted robbery and killing of two people near Nauvoo.
A bibliography of books by Juanita Brooks, undated. Also included are a list of edited journals, special issues, articles and poetry by Juanita Brooks.
A pamphlet of the "Frontier Birth Beliefs" article from Western Folklore, vol. 29, no.1, 1970.
Gallery proofs of pages 43-90 of the book, George Brooks: Artist in Stone, which was published in 1965.
A typed manuscript titled 'Healing of Animals Among the Mormons', undated. Includes brief background of healing within Mormon communities before sharing primary accounts of the healing of animals.
A typed manuscript titled 'The History of Washington County', 1936. Document includes sections on early explorations, Mormon explorations & first settlers, early settlement of St. George, industries, public buildings, education, newspapers, library &…
Pages from chapter 1 and chapter 2, most likely from History of the Jews in Utah and Idaho, undated.
A typed manuscript titled 'A Place of Refuge: Backgrounds for the Mission Call', undated. Document describes the beginnings of the Mormon War as background for the Mountain Meadow Massacre.
A speech to the American Association of University Women, November 12, 1968. Speech focused on how Brooks became engaged in original manuscript collecting and copying, as well as examples of primary accounts of Mormon settlers to Utah.
A pamphlet of the 'Forms Upon the Frontier' conference held by the American Folklore Society of Utah, 1968. Pamphlet includes: committes over the conference, a schedule and details about activities, travel and housing information, and a return with…
A report from a Washington County project collecting social and historical data, 1935. Report lists an autobiography, diary, and journal bibliography with 57 items. Also included is a list of items mailed to Ogden, Utah.
Notes on John Bollwinkle, undated. Drafts of notes to include on a page 6 include a brief history of John Bollwinkle. Also inlcuded are a handwritten note about Bollwinkle's history, correspondence between a Billie Bollwinkle and Juanita Brooks,…
Family genealogy chart of the Brooks family, undated.
Newsclippings from many different papers and dates. Each clipping mentions Juanita Brooks, her work or her appearance at an event.
Register of the Juanita Brooks Collection at Utah Historical Society, 1980. Included in the register is a brief biography, scope and content overview and detailed inventory including correspondence, eulogies and tributes, speeches, manuscripts,…
Newspaper article on Butch Cassidy, 1969. Article describes the real life of Butch Cassidy and the film starring Paul Newman. Includes pictures of the actual Cassidy as well as pictures from the film.
Newspaper article commemorating Cove Fort at 100 years, 1967. The article describes the tourism in 1967, and history of the fort.
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