The Southern Quill 1952

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The Southern Quill 1952





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Pool Maries Lytle
3. Lonely Hearts Club Anonymous
5. Operation Zero Dean Judd
6. For Want of a Pen Marie Werlman
7. Brats, I love’Em Lorraine Taylor
9. They couldn’t Tell Manola Cluff
10. Diamonds In The Rough Merrill Syphus
11. Pet Cougar and Fawn Eddie Cluff
13. Happy Landings Rula Snow
14. Fine Art of Lying Jean Craig
15. Interesting Expedition Mel Montgomery
16. Rachel Lorraine Taylor
19. Poem Rose Workman
20. Class Will (Sophomores) Jo and Helene
22. Class Will (Seniors) Anonymous
24. Freckled Fairy Marie Lytle
27. Knock, Knock Rose Workman
31. Life With Father Annie Laurie McGregor
33. One Cure for Homesickness Manola Cluff
36. Getting Home After Midnight Anonymous
37. Kagi Dean Judd
38. Our First Ford Truck Eddie Cluff
40. Night Rain Karma Kemp




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