Southern Quill 1974-75



Southern Quill 1974-75





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


Digitized by Utah Tech University Library

Table Of Contents

1st Place Valerie Sagers Ballad of Clover, Utah 24
2nd Place Emily Quinn The Race 26
3rd Place Valerie Sagers Ballad for my Hero 17
1st Hon. Men. Alan Jensen The Ballad of Rufus Jones 31
1st Hon. Men. Dena Bowler The Witch 22
2nd Hon. Men. Debbie Kuhn Not Normal 27
3rd Hon. Men. Gaye Gubler Master or Slave 62
1st Place Debbie Kuhn Mind Imagery 14
2nd Place Gaye Gubler Dear John 8
3rd Place Linda Condie Desert Town 12
1st Hon. Men . Dena Bowler Sensory Images 5
2nd Hon. Men. Doug Terry "Blank" Verse 21
3rd Hon. Men. Loralie Cox Images 16
1st Place Alex Wilkie How I Spent My Summer 42
2nd Place Linda Condie Femininity 48
3rd Place Wayne Johnson Oh Whiskey 73
1st Hon. Men. Wink Pectol The Sea 40
2nd Hon. Men. Carol Richmond I've Got That Old Dixie Spirit 59
3rd Hon. Men. Diane Beatty Childhood Experience 61
1st Place Syd Ramsaur Success 28
1st Place Luis Ballow Perfection Reached 20
2nd Place Ruth Durfey Soft Dewy Petties 19
3rd Place Debbie Foremaster Reflection From A Temple Walk 10
1st Hon. Men. Valerie Sagers Forgiveness 9
2nd Hon. Men. Diane Beatty Words 9
3rd Hon. Men. Mark Marine Raindrops 19
1st Place Mark Marine Join The Club 50
2nd Place Luis Ballow The Visitor 34
3rd Place Gaye Gubler Jimmy's Christmas Gift 46
1st Hon. Men. Hali Hughes Elmo's Smile 38
2nd Hon. Men. Karen Nielson Heavenly Adventures 52
2nd Hon. Men. Tom Smyly To Ride A Horse 64
3rd Hon. Men. Jeff Miller 30 30 30 32
3rd Hon. Men. Lawrence Stout The New Job 36
1st Place Valerie Sagers Cotton Candy Love 39
2nd Place Dena Bowler Dreams 33
3rd Place Karen Nielson You 21
1st Hon. Men. Debbie Kuhn Happiness 20
2nd Hon. Men. Hali Hughes The World 18
3rd Hon. Men. Sherri Naylor Prayer For Strength 18
Abraham, Miriam Aiken 63
Asmus, LaNae 72
Boren, Elaine 96, 68
Burgess, Elizabeth 66
Colton, Bruce 92
Condie, Linda 45
Cooper, Jan 90
Cox, Loralie 89
Davies, Blaine 87, 89
Fitzgerald, Marilyn 85
Gardner, Cindy 87, 91
Gubler Gaye 94
Gubler, Tyler 30, 96
Houle, Dave 78
Houston, Pamela 86, 87, 97
Jensen, Alan 96
Jones, KayLeen 88
Koch, Barrie 91
Leavitt, Daniel C. 45, 83, 87
Lyman, Jini 78
Martin, Leslie 83
Maxwell, Kris 81
McCusker, Marilyn 85
Meuter, Kelley 86, 92, 96
Miller, Jeff 87
Pectol, Wink 77, 93
Plute, Denise 87
Quinn, Emily 87
Roberts, Lorrie 80, 96
Timothy, LouAnn 79, 84, 87
Winn, Delsa 76, 96
Yanni, Ralph 82, 95
Sonnets Evelyn Hughes
Shorts Stories Mary Laree Jones
Free Verse Gwen Farr
Blank Verse Adeline Goodman




Dixie College, “Southern Quill 1974-75,” Utah Tech University Library Digital Collections, accessed October 2, 2023,