Southern Quill 1980-81



Southern Quill 1980-81





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
It will do no good (Linda Hedrick) 1
Lost & Found (Kurtis Crist) 2
Riddle #7 (Aderianna Smith) 3
There you stand (Cindy Gines) 4
"Haiku Poetry" (Kerri Anderson) 5
Wanting is not Having (Ace Pilkington) 6
Illustration (Linda Hedrick) 7
I am a rock (Susan Strong) 8
How I hate (David Christian) 9
Darkness (Callie Spencer) 9
Alone (Melanie Madsen) 10
One Day in the Hills (Kirk Hansen) 11
She (Stephanie Allred) 12
Toby (Cindy Gines) 13
Mexico (Sue Meyer) 17
I should like (Dave Christian) 17
Sun rays sleep (Layne Belnap) 18
Quiet (Kerri Anderson) 18
Days (Linda Hedrick) 19
Your desires are (Kurtis Crist) 19
Toni (Steve Caplin) 20
The Bouquet (Sue Meyer) 21
Fear (Dave Christian) 21
Twins (Kurtis Crist) 22
Uncertainty (Linda Hedrick) 26
Summer of Lean (David Christian) 27
Treasure Chest in the Sky (Jennie Clark) 28
In the night (Ace Pilkington) 28
Oh Crimson Rose (Darin Christensen) 29
Lazy Indifference (David Christian) 30
August and Idaho (Kurtis Crist) 31
That Cat (Darin Christensen) 32
Gray blobs of mist (Lauren Merkle) 33
Fog (Kerri Anderson) 34
Stop thinking (David Christian) 34
Full Moon (Pat Mundt) 35
A Time For Love (Mona Hobson) 36
Step By Step (Kerri Anderson) 37
Green Cheese (Darin Christensen) 40
Bicycle (Ace Pilkington) 41
Little Brothers (Aderianna Smith) 42
Candid-Coated Apple (Gina Jessen) 42
Fried, Burnt, and Tossed (Nancy Ruesch) 43
Illustration (Kerri Anderson) 44
Man in the Sea (Jennie Clark) 45
The Journey (Jaylynn Daley) 46
She appeared (David Christian) 49
A clever mouse (David Christian) 49
Flight Attendant (Kurtis Crist) 50
Listen (David Christian) 50
Expectancy bids farewell (Kerri Anderson) 51
Is It Justified? (Cindy Gines) 52
Nature's Castle (Jaylynn Daley) 53
Alphabet Soup (Linda Hedrick) 54
Love (David Christian) 54
Illustration (Kerri Anderson) 55
Sometimes (Linda Hedrick) 56
History of Southern Quill 57




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