Southern Quill 1982-83



Southern Quill 1982-83





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover Illustration (Brett Kearney)
Southern Quill Staff 1
Editors Letter 2
Table of Contents 3
Illustration 5
Have You Forgotten? (Dianna Kearney) 7
I Was Awakened (Jill Berger) 8
Beginnings (Dawn Houghton) 8
Daisies (Melinda Durrant) 9
Illustration (John Finch) 10
It Is All Easy (Ace G. Pilkington) 11
Touching Your Ears (Dianna Kearney) 11
I Saw You (Karen Lloyd) 12
How Bright Confusion Shines (Ace G. Pilkington) 12
Void (Melinda Durrant) 13
Im Afraid Ive Forgotten (Kendra Williams) 14
Loss (Melinda Durrant) 15
I Watch the Gentle Summer Rain (Melinda Durrant) 16
One Day (Montrue Larkin) 17
The End of December (Lori Lewis) 18
Illustration (Fred Friese) 19
Irony (Karen Lloyd) 21
The Day Before Yesterday (Dawn Houghton) 22
To Wear HighHeels (Lollie Lyman) 22
Lets Pretend (Montrue Larkin) 23
Boredom (Kendra Williams) 24
Soul Trek (Lisa Barnes) 25
Illustration (Fred Friese) 25
My Thoughts (Jean Nielson) 27
Ballerinas Lament (Melinda Durrant) 28
Chances Are (Tovia Tracy) 29
The Home (Dawn Houghton) 30
Beginning Again (Dianna Kearney) 31
Illustration (Fred Friese) 32
In Secure Insecurity (Tovia Tracy) 33
Utopias (Dianna Kearney) 34
Textbook (Eric Wright) 34
Experts (Dianna Kearney) 35
Illustration (Fred Friese) 36
Flawless Dreams (Angela Pitts) 37
The Flight (Dawn Houghton) 38
(2nd place poem, Annie Atking Tanner Poetry Contest, 1983)
Illustration (Fred Friese) 39
These Are the Silences (Ace Pilkington) 41
Conclusions (Faith Schroeder) 42
Unseen But Sensed (Dianna Kearney) 43
Illustration (Fred Friese) 44
White Foam Flecked Waves (Karen Lloyd) 45
A Sandpiper Pecks (Karen Lloyd) 45
Cascading Waterfall (Shaunae Call) 46
Who Is Speaking to Me Now? (Eric Wright) 47
The Line (Eric Wright) 48
L'Hiver (Melinda Durrant) 49
Illustration 50
"Helen" (Karen Lloyd) 51
Black Magic (Melinda Durrant) 52
Reincarnated Wedding (Lori Lewis) 53
Long Suffering Reflection (Dianna Kearney) 54
Illustration (Brett Kearney) 54
Burgundy (Faith Schroeder) 55
Time's Escape (Debra Kleinman) 56
Sea Change (Melinda Durrant) 57
Illustration 58
Unicorn (Melinda Durrant) 59
Shaving the Bearded Paris Sky (Eric Wright) 60
(1st place poem, Annie Atkin Tanner Poetry Contest , 1983)
Illustration (Fred Friese) 61
Do You Remember Wading Through Ditches? (Lisa Barnes) 63
Mock Prairie (LouAnn Milne) 64
Grandpa (Debby Diltz) 65
Windowpane (Eric Wright) 67
Theseus (Ace G. Pilkington) 68
The Artist (Dianna Kearney) 69
(3rd place poem , Annie Atkin Tanner Poetry Contest, 1983)
Illustration (John Finch) 70
Discovery (Eric Wright) 71
Illustration (Fred Friese) 71
Humility (Brett Kearney) 72
Making Things Simple (Dianna Kearney) 72
Identity (Ace Pilkington) 73
Illustration 74
Seasons of Love Lost (Chris Wyatt) 75
November (Lori Lewis) 76
Eat Your Vegetables (Dawn Houghton) 77
Unanswered Silence (Dianna Kearney) 78
History of The Southern Quill 79




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