Southern Quill 1985-1986



Southern Quill 1985-1986





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents
Cover Illustration (Fred Friese)
A Winding Stair (Lucinda Dove &
Ace G. Pilkington)
Outer Space, Inner Mind (Janae Daley) 5
Stars (Wendy Harris) 7
Tesseract (Sarah Montes) 8
The Shell (Bonnie McCowan) 8
Back To Green Summers (Andie Nielsen) 9
What Is Your Name (Katy Frandsen) 10
Illustration (Fred Friese) 12
Alone (Fred Friese) 13
What Are Friends For (Bonnie McCowan) 14
Crying Tears (Honey Thompson) 15
Settled For Now (Jan Collins) 16
Confused Blank Verses (Fred Friese) 17
Write You A Picture (Wendy Harris) 18
The Old, Deserted Fountain (Colleen McKnight) 19
Mnemesoyne (Shelly Bresee) 19
Exhibit At A High Tech Fair (Ace G. Pilkington) 20
Spell Stopped (Sarah Montes) 21
Illustration (Fred Friese) 22
Stonehenge (Wendy Harris) 23
Stars (Janae Daley) 23
I Saw The Face (Sarah Montes) 24
A Quiet Insanity (Kay Jack) 24
Salieri (Jaylynn Lewis) 25
Illustration (Fred Friese) 26
I Became A Spectator (Fred Friese) 27
Fantasy As Exploration (Janae Daley) 28
Frozen Kiss (Sarah Montes) 31
Sweet Dreams (Mindy Andrus) 31
Second Best (Katy Frandsen) 32
Inventory Of You (Mindy Andrus) 33
Illustration (Fred Friese) 34
Love Is Rare (Ace G. Pilkington) 35
Antipodes (Fred Friese) 36
Painted Heart (Mindy Andrus) 36
New Beginnings (Brenda Croshaw) 37
A Face So Familiar (Janae Daley) 41
Illustration (Fred Friese) 42
Caesar' s Romance (Shelley Stewart) 43
How've You Been (Kay Jack) 44
A Raindrop (Janae Daley) 44
Though Innocent (Bonnie McCowan) 45
Mysterious Elevation (Dave Robinson) 46
Lothlorien (Bonnie Mccowan) 46
Alfheim (Wendy Harris) 47
Illustration (Sarah Montes) 48
The Banished Jewel (Sarah Montes) 49
Sea Dream (Bonnie McCowan) 49
Illustration (Sarah Montes) 50
The Walking Staff (Wendy Harris) 51
Time's Essence (Melanie Starnes) 51
The Wizard (Sarah Montes) 52
Magic Irony (Ace G. Pilkington) 53
Illustration (Fred Friese) 54
Dark Side (Bonnie Mccowan) 55
(3rd Place Poem, Annie Atkin Tanner Poetry Contest, 1986)
Bottom's Dream (Sarah Montes) 56
Condemnation (Michelle Brinkerhoff) 57
I Had Forgotten (Sarah Montes) 58
Seascape (Shelley Stewart) 58
Melting Into Nature (Sarah Montes) 59
Pearl (Richard Moore) 60
(2nd Place Poem, Annie Atkin Tanner Poetry Contest, 1986)
Scattered Leaves And Pumpkins (Katy Frandsen) 61
The Features Of The Future (Jenny Broadbent) 62
Cassandra In Wonderland (Ace G. Pilkington) 64
Uranus (Wendy Harris) 65
Illustration (Fred Friese) 66
A Flying Saucer (Sarah Montes) 67
Illustration (Fred Friese) 68
Primate Fears (Fred Friese) 69
(1st Place Poem, Annie Atkin Tanner Poetry Contest, 1986)
Illustration (Fred Friese) 70
Daydreams (Bonnie McCowan) 71
Last Echo Of Winter (Angel Williams) 72
It's Spring Again (Bonnie McCowan) 73
After The Storm (Mindy Andrus) 73
Barefoot (Bonnie Mccowan) 74
Volcano (Wendy Harris) 75
Illustration (Fred Friese) 76
Nothing For You (Janae Daley) 77
Poetry, Foetry (Carol Friese) 77
Anger (Wendy Harris) 78
Gates Of Hell (Janae Daley) 78
The Beginning And The End (Montrue Larkin) 79
When I Am Unhappy (Andie Nielsen) 80
What Did You Say (Sarah Montes) 81
Illustration (Sarah Montes) 81
Sweet Is Thy Memory (Michelle Brinkerhoff) 82
Illustration (Fred Friese) 84
False Fire, False Hope (Debbie Magill) 85
To Be Or Not To Be Sane (Jamie Jensen) 86
Take Me To Your Mind's Eye (Mindy Andrus) 88
Almost Awake (Bonnie McCowan) 89
On Your Way Up (Richard Moore) 89
Illustration (Sarah Montes) 90
Strawberry Scents (Sarah Montes) 91
History Of The Southern Ouill 92




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