The Southern Quill 1986-1987



The Southern Quill 1986-1987





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover photograph (Ace G. Pilkington)
I. Imposed Dreams 5
One-Way Window (Sarah Montes &
Ace G. Pilkington)
One-Way Window (lyric) 7
Illustration (Sarah Montes) 8
Day after day (Melinda Durrant) 9
Communication (Karen Hansen) 10
Tinkerbell's Story (Kris Shipp) 11
Whose hand will trap the rare bird (Fred Friese) 12
Illustration (Fred Friese) 13
Oceanside Cafe (Kris Shipp) 14
Sand Castles (Bonnie McCowan) 15
Illustration (Beverly Marshall) 15
Winter (Rich Cronshey) 16
Geology and Man (Bonnie McCowan) 17
Illustration (Bonnie McCowan) 17
Photograph (Rick Roberts) 18
For the Moment (Bonnie McCowan) 19
The night is a greedy creature (Melinda Durrant) 19
The Dance of Divorce (Kris Shipp) 20
Welcome Home Daddy (Michelle Brinkerhoff) 21
Photograph (Ben Higbee) 24
II. Abandoned Dreams 25
How It Used to Be (Sarah Montes) 26
How it Used to Be (lyric) 27
Illustration (Beverly Marshall) 28
I never found the time (Melinda Durrant) 29
Her face (Kay Jack) 30
Ratios (Maxine Davie) 30
Jason's Answer (Ace G. Pilkington) 31
Loving to Fear (Kris Shipp) 32
Illustration (Fred Friese) 33
The Larva (Natalie Condie) 34
Drama in Life (Bonnie McCowan) 35
I've lost something (Kay Jack) 36
Pieces of Yesterday (Celeste Bain) 37
Lexical Necromancy (Fred Friese) 38
Illustration (Fred Friese) 38
Departure (Kris Shipp) 39
Illustration (Cherilyn Robinson) 40
The house breathed (Kris Shipp) 41
Windowed Shadow (Karen Hansen) 42
Photograph (Brian Tingey) 43
Sunday (Kris Shipp) 44
Tao of Rain (Rich Cronshey) 45
Richard III (Ace G. Pilkington) 46
Illustration (Peggy Knox) 47
A Dream of Burial (Kandie Graff) 48
Other Worlds (Bonnie Mccowan) 48
Fly White for Life (Bonnie Mccowan) 49
Photograph (Ace G. Pilkington) 49
Coloring Book (Sarah Montes) 50
Dancing Crayolas (Kris Shipp) 51
Illustration (Beverly Marshall) 51
Hourglass (Sarah Montes) 52
Photograph (Ben Higbee) 52
Stolen Heart (Natalie Condie) 53
Canyon Cove (Kris Shipp) 54
Photograph (Ben Higbee) 55
Images of Baltic Sea (Rich Cronshey) 56
III. Achieved Dreams 57
Reality Dream (Sarah Montes and Ace G. Pilkington) 58
Reality Dream (lyric) 59
The Child Behind The Poet (Kris Shipp) 60
Pearls and Jade (Sarah Montes) 61
I Dream in Winsor Newton Colors (Maxine Davie) 62
Illustration (Beverly Marshall) 62
Ballerina (Lynnae Burton) 63
The Play (Maxine Davie) 64
Fire (Wendy Harris) 65
Leaves melt to moist grass (Kris Shipp) 65
The Masterpiece (Joni Kerr) 66
Illustration (Fred Friese) 66
It rained today, an English rain (Melinda Durrant) 67
Pruning (Maxine Davie) 68
Lost Season (James McCowan) 69
Illustration (Bonnie McCowan) 69
Illustration (Doug Sweet) 70
The Way from Hell (Sarah Montes) 71
Photographs to Feed the Media Furnace (Ben Higbee) 72
Illustration (Joni Kerr) 73
Illustration (Fred Friese) 74
After devouring all my recollections (Fred Friese) 75
The Year I owned a Horse (Maxine Davie) 76
Geometrics (Maxine Davie) 79
Hands (Robin Tsosi) 80
Illustration (Beverly Marshall) 81
The Almost Witch (Andie Nielsen) 82
Illustration (Peggy Knox) 82
Porch (Ben Higbee) 83
History of the Southern Quill 84




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