The Southern Quill 1987-1988



The Southern Quill 1987-1988





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Public domain in the United States. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


Digitized by Utah Tech University Library

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover photograph (David Pettit)
I. Order and Disorder 5
Illustration (Joni Kerr) 6
Caliban's Gifts (Melanie Starnes) 7
Ikebana (Kirsten Busk) 8
Photograph (Dave Eller) 9
Ophelia (Rene Daniels) 10
A Strange Season (Bonnie McCowan) 11
Illustration (Bonnie McCowan) 12
Over the Edge (Kris Shipp) 13
Illustration (Angel Littlefield) 14
Sununer (Michael Flood) 15
Love, for Now (Kris Shipp) 16
These Are (Michael Flood) 17
Absolutes (Karen Hansen) 18
Faces (Janae Foster) 19
Illustration (Ben Higbee) 20
Visions (Rene Daniels) 21
Mother Sostenuto (Dawn Houghton) 22
Yesterday (Bonnie McCowan) 23
Photograph (Dave Eller) 24
Lying There Helpless (Natalie Nielson) 25
Real Life (Karen Hansen) 26
Haiku (Kirsten Busk) 27
Summer Puddles (Dawn Houghton) 27
Illustration (Joni Kerr) 28
II. The Borders Between Us 29
Illustration (Ben Higbee) 30
The Cost of Fox Fur (Ace G. Pilkington) 31
Illustration (Joni Kerr) 32
Trying to Understand Where You Grew Up (Dawn Houghton) 33
Illustration (Jennifer Sandrup) 34
Deeper Into You (Stephanie Young) 35
You Gentle Me (Melinda Durrant) 36
Symphony of Raindrops (Karen Hansen) 37
Comedy of Errors (Angel Williams) 38
Frozen Identity (Kris Shipp) 39
Two Cold Worlds (Dawn Freeland) 40
Mother/Child (Rene Daniels) 41
The Game (Stephanie Young) 42
Beaver Dam Beyond Thunderdome (Kris Shipp) 43
Slow, Sad (Becky Scherzinger) 44
Code (Karen Hansen) 45
Illustration (Ben Higbee) 46
Never Save a Friend (Kris Shipp) 47
Silent Suffering (Amy Hayes) 48
There is No Water (Dawn Houghton) 49
Grasping for Air (Kris Shipp) 50
Leda after the Swan (Ace G. Pilkington) 51
Illustration (Chad Cooper) 52
Change of Seasons (Karen Hansen) 53
Seeing Depression (Elizabeth Snow) 54
As I sat Watching at the Bus Stop (Dawn Houghton) 55
Depositions (Joni Kerr) 56
III. The Root of Magic 57
Illustration (Joni Kerr &
Ben Higbee)
Autumn (Michael Flood) 59
Summer Heat (Kris Shipp) 60
April (Ace G. Pilkington) 61
March (Becky Scherzinger) 62
There is a Scar (Dawn Houghton) 63
Illustration (Ben Higbee) 64
The Sand Garden (Kirsten Busk) 65
Illustration (Chad Cooper) 66
Child's Play (Bonnie McCowan) 67
Child's Play (Kirsten Busk) 68
Small Hero in the Dark (Bonnie McCowan) 69
Illustration (Joni Kerr) 71
Illustration (Chad Cooper) 74
Illustration (Chad Cooper) 76
Bonkei (Kirsten Busk) 79
I Long to Hold (LuAnne Smith) 80
One Windy Afternoon (Kris Shipp) 81
Illustration (Jared Beckstrand) 82
Waves (Janae Foster) 83
The Pain Lingered (Natalie Condie) 84
Flight of an Angel (Evadene Long) 85
Life after Death (Natalie Nielson) 86
Illustration (Bonnie McCowan) 87
Escape (Karen Hansen) 88
History of the Southern Quill 89




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