Southern Quill 1991-92



Southern Quill 1991-92





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Table Of Contents

I. Nature
Yellowstone After Fire '90 (Christian Arial) 6
A Goldmund Summer (Todd Perkins) 7
Sirenia (Chrissy Stauffer) 8
Pollination (Todd Perkins) 9
This Question (Christian Arial) 10
A Run Between Love (Todd Perkins) 11
Wind (Dora Wymer) 12
Early Fall (Dora Wymer) 12
Blue Heron (Chrissy Stauffer) 13
Ghosts (Sarah Montes) 14
Midnight Rain (Dora Wymer) 15
II. Recent Revisions/Hybrids
American Dreaming (Christian Arial) 16
Unwinding (Terri Draper) 17
Of and About Off-Freeway Productions (Christian Arial) 18
The Hiding of a Bible (Glen Bessonette) 19
Thoughts on Politics (Zebediah Walker) 20
Death: a la Las Vegas (Christian Arial) 21
1983 (Julie Miller) 23
III. Medium/Art
The Metamorphosis (Julie Hart) 24
A Discourse Concerning Vaughan Williams' A Lark Ascending (Christian Arial) 25
Flash of an Eye (Quint Olsen) 28
Broken Urn (Franklin Johnson) 29
Charade (Michael Hall) 30
La Strada (Christian Arial) 31
IV. Man Kind?
Without Title (Parentheses Optional) (Christian Arial) 32
Values (Julie Hart) 35
Last Night (Dora Wymer) 41
Princess (Tamra Fullmer) 42
Dolphin &
(Christian Arial) 43
Summer of the Woosel (Terri Draper) 44
Baby (Dora Wymer) 45
Under the Concrete (Shilo Case) 46
Fairytales (Dora Wymer) 47
V. Cosmic Expansions
You Pick Flowers (Kirsten Holt) 48
Loki (Chrissy Stauffer) 48
Artifact (Dora Wymer) 49
Confusion Past (Christopher Thompson) 50
Pillars of Thought (Shilo Case) 51
Sunnyside Eclipse (Julie Miller) 52
About Moons (Christian Arial) 53
Monarch ` (Todd Perkins) 53
The Rain Fell (Sarah Montes) 54
The Pulse of Light (Ace G. Pilkington) 54
My Tempest (Chris Pellew) 55
VI. Underworld/Undertow
Tokay (Shilo Case) 57
Stale Thinking (Shilo Case) 58
Smorgasbord-In-Law (Kaelani Acord) 59
Child (Shilo Case) 60
Anger (Shane Wintch) 61
North Wind's Affair (Claudia Edwards) 62
Where Scientists Write Poetry (Ace G. Pilkington) 63
"Adamantine Chains and Penal Fire" (Stephanie Chidester) 64
Making Love to Lee Krasner in Effigy (Christian Arial) 67
Silvering (Dora Wymer) 68
History of the Southern Quill 69
Staff Members' Biographies 70




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