Southern Quill 1992-1993



Southern Quill 1992-1993





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Table Of Contents

Some Public Thoughts on the Quill (Ace G. Pilkington) 5
I. Memory's Fields
Memory's Fields (Natalie Nilsson) 6
Regretful Recurrence (Cynthia Stark) 8
Megan (Martha Millett) 9
Romance Language (Dawn Houghton) 10
The Homestead (James Custer) 11
A Cup of Dark Dreams (Matt Garman) 12
I Have Come to Make Sense (Dawn Houghton) 13
Desolate Escapism (Sonya Miles) 14
Glittering Lights (Jenny Porritt) 14
Solitary (Jacque Jenson) 15
Picture a Painting (Tara Taylor) 16
Letters (Martha Millett) 17
II. Another Place, Another Time
The Mexican Blanket (Jandi Jones) 18
The Flowing of Everything (Matt Garman) 20
Neptune (Natalie Nilsson) 21
Chicken Bob (Salvatore Corpaci) 22
The Fisherman (Stories of the Sea) (Martha Millett) 23
Impressions/Afternoon at Pavillion (Jaylynn Lewis) 25
This Rose (Jandi Jones) 26
Elements of Comedy in Sheridan's The Rivals (Stephanie Chidester) 27
III. Her Story
Ritual (Robyn Furse) 33
When the Curtains Close (Julie Hart) 34
Sleeping (Dawn Houghton) 36
The $150 Birthday Present (Jaylynn Lewis) 37
I Want To (Martha Millett) 39
The Cleaning (Dawn Houghton) 40
Monotony (Sonya Miles) 43
Where's Home (Martha Millett) 44
Soul Gazing (Chris Pellew) 45
IV. Nature's Ages
Inside: The Pearl (Christian Arial) 46
Stranger (Dora Wymer) 47
The Puddle (Brittany Fuller) 48
Desert (Doug Stewart) 49
Harvest Moon (Deanna Christian) 50
Desert Storm (Jandi Jones) 51
The Seasons of Life (Edwin F. Rogers) 52
Without Compromise (Sonya Miles) 53
Photosynthesis (Martha Millett) 54
My Face in the Clouds (Hannah Gibb) 55
V. Future History
Dreamland (Tami Curtis) 56
Time's Life Poetic (Salvatore Corpaci) 57
Science Fiction (Ace G. Pilkington) 58
Dream Music (Natalie Nilsson) 59
Caught (Sonya Miles) 60
Friends (Mette Hestbaek) 61
Three Times I Saw the Unicorn (Doug Stewart) 62
Thawing (Tyler Webster) 64
Stars (Debbie Harmon) 65
The Robots' Farewell to the Master (For Isaac Asimov) (Ace G. Pilkington) 66
History of the Southern Quill 61
Staff Members' Biographies 68




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