Southern Quill 1993-94



Southern Quill 1993-94





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Table Of Contents

I. Nightmares and Dreamsnakes
In the Dark (Jennie Halverson) 6
Again (Dina Gerhauser) 7
Experiments Performed on Vietnam Vets (Janna Gifford) 8
Life is a Merry-Go-Round, and I Want My Money Back! (McKay Hall) 9
Nosferatu (Calvin Fox) 10
I Am (Debbie Harmon) 11
Room 113 (Joy Taylor) 12
Return of the Dark (Philip Johnson) 13
Lotus (Ace G. Pilkington) 14
That's All, Folks (Calvin Fox) 15
Courage (McKay Hall) 15
Obviously (Philip Johnson) 16
Who Indeed (An Ode to Houseguests) (Janna Gifford) 18
Drinks (McKay Hall) 19
Self-Elegy (Mary Ann Miles) 25
II. The Long Prospect of Eden
The Storm (Jennifer Johnson) 26
Nature's Remembrances (Jennie Halverson) 27
Seeking (Montrue Larkin) 28
Portrait of Me (Dina Gerhauser) 29
Stand Ready (April Foiles) 30
To Hold a Sunset (Christina Zender) 30
Rhinestone Snow (Joy Taylor) 31
Other Places (Christina Zender) 31
The Lovers (Christian Arial) 32
Gift of Sunshine (David J. Roberts) 33
Miracles (Meg Gilmore) 34
Rain (Angie Jacobsen) 35
In Utah (Angie Jacobsen) 35
Fairy Tale (Meg Gilmore) 36
Illustration (Liz Kulick) 36
Solitude (Jandi Jones) 37
The Beauty of Two Beasts (Amy Sherman) 38
III. Realitys Prism
Wolfman (Peter M. Chidester) 39
Words (Dina Gerhauser) 42
The Dojo (Christina Zender) 43
Consequence (David C. May) 44
Illustration (Liz Kulick) 44
What Little I Knew of Myself (Joy Taylor) 45
Windows (Meg Gilmore) 49
Life (Debbie Harmon) 50
Lampblack (Pete Nuffer) 51
Security (Todd Roberts) 52
Too Groovy Blues (Michael Van Wagenen) 53
Hands (Natalie Nilsson) 54
Flowers in the Dark (Shauna Thomas) 56
Fear (McKay Hall) 56
Healing (Natalie Nilsson) 57
Queen of the Mountain (Melanie Davie) 58
Mirage (Debbie Harmon) 59
Help You We Can! (Janna Gifford) 60
Staff Members' Biographies 65
History of the Southern Quill 67




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