Southern Quill 1994-1995



Southern Quill 1994-1995





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Cover Illustration (Aubree Howard)
I. Littoral
One Woman's Story (Joy Taylor) 4
Illustration (Christopher Nelson) 5
Jonathan's Church (Jay McArthur) 6
Breath of Life (Kristi Kuhn) 7
Prayer for the Iroquois (Josh Stanley) 9
Broken Kite (Rodney O. Hurd) 10
My Old Man (Kelly Thompson) 11
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 12
One Dream to Live For (Aubree Howard) 13
The Elevator (Robin Stout) 14
Double Meaning (Gary Lee Wahlberg) 16
Occupation: Scarecrow (Kelly Thompson) 17
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 18
Bewildered (Ryan Henderson) 19
Transcendentalist Muse (Robin Stout) 19
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 20
Exhibit at a High Tech Fair (Ace G. Pilkington) 21
II. "There is a Tide ... "
Beyond the Call of Duty (Marion Frazier) 22
Illustration (Christina Gardner) 23
Hesitation (Dina Gerhauser) 26
Time in Passing (Josh Stanley) 26
Used Only on Sundays by a Little Old Man (Marshall J. Daubs) 27
Systematics (Heather Jackson) 28
In Part (Todd Michael Roberts) 29
Monkey Trap (Christopher Nelson) 30
Human Predicament (Christopher Nelson) 30
Illustration (Christopher Nelson) 31
Disintegration (Phil Braunberger) 32
Illustration (Christopher Nelson) 33
Choreography of Peace (Debbie Gonzalez) 34
Through Eyes of Blue (Lisa Woodland) 34
Opportunity (Kayce Stevens) 35
We've Never Spoken (Christopher Nelson) 35
III. Between the Current and the Rise
Drug of Sunflower (Todd Michael Roberts) 36
Hidden (Josh Stanley) 37
Lovers on a Corner (Christopher Nelson) 37
My Coat Isn't Thick Enough (Phil Braunberger) 38
To Hunt (Stacey Heinhold) 39
At My Hands (Dina Gerhauser) 40
Illustration (Christopher Nelson) 41
Local Anaesthesia (Kerry C. Sherman) 42
Convenience (Jay McArthur) 43
The Vagabond and the Harlot (Christopher Nelson) 44
Illustration (Jessica Fournier) 45
Eyes (Jessica Fournier) 45
It Might Have Been (Marion Frazier) 46
Dent de Lion (Aubree Howard) 47
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 47
Voltaire (Phil Braunberger) 48
IV. Abyssal Plain
I Call Her Never (Josh Stanley) 49
Twisted Love (Jessica Fournier) 50
Illustration (Christina Gardner) 51
Topography of the Uncertain Love (Aubree Howard) 52
The Knowledge of He, or You, or She, or Whomever, Really (Jim Callis) 53
Solace (Amber Christensen) 54
Night (Jessica Fournier) 55
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 55
Feline Lament (Aubree Howard) 56
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 56
The Doorbell (Phil Braunberger) 57
Mind City (Meg Gilmore) 58
From Absence (Todd Michael Roberts) 58
My Classic Dread (Christopher Nelson) 59
The Crime (Robin Stout) 60
Intruder Upon My Soul (Jessica Fournier) 60
Violence: Man's Best Friend (S. Nathan Everett) 61
Only in Surrender (Dina Gerhauser) 62
Life of Winter (Aubree Howard) 63
Wasted Time (Gary Lee Wahlberg) 64
Milton's Unapproachable God (Stephanie Chidester) 65
Staff Members' Biographies 69
History of the Southern Quill 71




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