Southern Quill 1995-1996



Southern Quill 1995-1996





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Cover Illustration (Bart Jay Mitchell)
I. Past
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 4
The Inn (Chris Nelson) 5
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 6
Growing Up, Looking Back (Debbie Gonzalez) 7
Garden Knight (Natalie Mecham) 8
A Mirrored Castle (Vaia Potter) 8
The Dawn of Earth's Grace (Christi Newbold) 9
My Chibiabos (Mitchell Webb) 10
Mother Earth (Jennifer Stokes) 11
The Vampyre Dream (Natalie Mecham) 12
And Seasons More... (Debbie Gonzalez) 13
For the Asking (Cynthia Hathaway) 14
Breakable (Natalie Mecham) 15
Illustration (Cheryl Mitchell) 16
Upon Reading "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe (Bart Jay Mitchell) 17
Damned (Catherine Spencer) 18
Brown Sugar (David Johnson) 19
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 20
First Kiss (Chris Nelson) 20
Upon Approaching the Throne of Heaven (Jennifer Stokes) 21
Training the Mind (Stephanie Dougherty) 22
Temptation From the Other Side (Natalie Mecham) 23
Sonnet From One Who Loves (Debbie Gonzalez) 24
Illustration (Bart Jay Mitchell) 25
Broken Umbrellas (Rebecca Hartvigsen) 26
Phantoms (David Johnson) 27
Passing Angel (Catherine Spencer) 27
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 28
Dancing Days (Debbie Gonalez) 29
II. Present
Natural (Bart Jay Mitchell) 30
Bird's Eye Maple (Chris Nelson) 30
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 31
Little Valley (Catherine Spencer) 32
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 32
Interest Turned Addiction (Christi Newbold) 33
Earthquake (Julie Toronto) 34
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 35
Elf Haiku (Ace G. Pilkington) 35
In Passing (Cynthia Hathaway) 36
Few Words for Mr. M*** (Grace E. Gubler) 37
"Please Don't Touch the Display" (David Johnson) 38
The Last Tree To Fall (Charmaine Slayton) 39
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 40
CA (Whitney Feinauer) 41
Hometown (Cynthia Hathaway) 42
Tranquility (Derek Naegle) 42
The Dark (Jennifer Stokes) 43
Icicle (Catherine Spencer) 44
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 44
Can 't Buy Me Love (Amy Eaton) 45
The Mind as Nature (Stephanie Chidester) 46
Sketching Reality (Stephanie Dougherty) 47
Winter Night (Channin Campbell) 48
Back to the Compound (Chanda Howard) 49
The Vine of Life (Jessica Fournier) 51
Spontaneous Flirtation (Stephanie Dougherty) 52
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 53
The Encounter (Natalie Mecham) 54
The Illinois (Cynthia Hathaway) 55
Clueless: Control in a World of Chaos (Stephanie Dougherty) 56
Illustration (Bart Jay Mitchell) 59
Clueless and Emma (Nicail Bybee) 60
III. The Future
Experiments (Stephanie Dougherty) 63
Illustration (Cheryl Mitchell) 64
Reflections (Connie Gittins) 66
Journeys (David Johnson) 67
Kenge te Pakenduara / Song Unsung (Elona Dervishi) 68
Burners (L. P. Ralston) 70
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 71
Future Destination (Jessica Fournier) 72
Illustration (Chris Nelson) 72
The Pale Skin Gets the Sun (David Johnson) 73
Mall / Longing (Elona Dervishi) 74
Si Shiu / Like Rain (Elona Dervishi) 75
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 75
David Johnson (Cheese) 76
The Abstraction of Intimacy (Bart Jay Mitchell) 78
Illustration (Bart Jay Mitchell) 79
A Man's Machine (Ace G. Pilkington) 80
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 85
Staff Members' Biographies 86
History of the Southern Quill 87




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