Southern Quill 1996-1997



Southern Quill 1996-1997





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover Illustration (Bart Jay Mitchell)
I. Visions
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 6
Grandma's Castle (Lisa Ure) 7
The Road That We Forgot (Amber Hyde) 8
Crocus (Marsha K. Lawhorn) 8
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 9
Sea Laborer (Lisa Ure) l0
Morning at the Beach (Diana L. Blakley) 11
Observing the Gallery (Kerry Sherman) 12
Ordinary Man (Pawel Twardecki) 13
Armani in Red (Salvatore Corpaci) 14
Illustration (Carie Nielson) 15
The Roman Crowd (Bart Jay Mitchell) 16
The Elf (Diana L. Blakley) 17
Creation's Battle (Christy Johnson) 18
The Beauty of Change (Tina Washburn) 23
The Dance (Diana L. Blakley) 24
Kissing Night (Sarah Davie) 25
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 26
Only (Sarah Davie) 27
Snapshot (Amber Hyde) 28
Intruding on Silence (Diana L. Blakley) 29
II. Emotions
The Waiter's Lament (Bart Jay Mitchell) 32
Jealousy (Christy Johnson) 33
Illustration (Carie Nielson) 34
Stressed (Christy Johnson) 35
The Victim (Diana L. Blakley) 36
Lord of the Shadows (Christy Johnson) 37
Words (Aja Hopkinson) 38
Broken Threads (Amber Hyde) 39
Jane Doe (Salvatore Corpaci) 41
Courage (Aja Hopkinson) 42
Seeping (Bart Jay Mitchell) 42
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 43
The Hallowed Hatpin (Warren Stucki) 44
For My Wife (Bart Jay Mitchell) 46
Illustration (Lindsy Dean) 47
III. Cogitations
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 48
Carpe Diem (Lisa Ure) 49
My High School Friends (Bart Jay Mitchell) 50
Deep Within (Patsy Stradling) 51
Wandering (A'ja Hopkinson) 52
In the Forest Named Felicity (Bart Jay Mitchell &
Christopher Nelson)
Illustration (Lindsy Dean) 53
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 54
Gray Rainy Day (Diana L. Blakley) 55
I've Had a Big, Bad Day (Bart Jay Mitchell) 56
Waiting for Tom (Warren Stucki) 57
Swan Song (Bart Jay Mitchell) 59
The Presence (Diana L. Blakley) 60
The Plea (Lisa Ure) 60
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 61
The Tribunal (Warren Stucki) 62
Illustration (Carie Nielson) 63
Illustration (Lindsy Dean) 66
The Haunted Edge (Salvatore Corpaci) 67
Under the Ivy (Leslie Nicholes) 68
Henry V's Last Thoughts of an Old Friend (Diana L. Blakley) 69
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 70
The John Falstaff of The Merry Wives of Windsor (Ace G. Pilkington) 71
Airborne (Carolyn McDonald) 75
My World (Brian D. Hill) 76
Illustration (Brent Hughes) 77
Chicken Bob (Salvatore Corpaci) 78
Dancing Out of Retirement (Marilyn Richardson) 80
Summer (Lisa Ure) 82
History of the Southern Quill 83




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