Southern Quill 1998-1999



Southern Quill 1998-1999





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover Illustration (Brooks Hadsall)
I. Malevolent
Illustration (Amber Basile) 6
The Dragon (Diana Clarke) 8
Monster (Christy Bartlett) 9
Talismans (Paula Haglund) 10
Illustration (Carie Nielson) 11
Down (Diana L. Hadsall) 12
Dust to Ashes (Paula Haglund) 13
Listen to the Silent Screams (Reeve K. Knighton) 14
Nightmare (Alyson Overton) 15
Afraid for My Heart (Christy Bartlett) 16
Malfunction (Alyson Overton) 17
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 17
All Fall Down (Aja Hopkinson) 18
Her Song (Nicole Melissa Wilkes) 19
My Senses Deceive Me (Christy Bartlett) 20
Morna's Lament (Diana L. Hadsall) 21
His Casual Whore (Christy Bartlett) 22
Illustration (Amber Basile) 23
The Blender (Salvatore Corpaci) 24
The Boiling Point (Christy Bartlett) 25
Illustration (Amber Basile) 26
Shattered Dreams (Amber Hyde) 27
II. Benevolent
Can You Play? (Lindy Stephens) 29
As I Was Taught (Alyson Overton) 30
Only Child (Marsha K. Lawhorn) 31
Illustration (Kody Keller) 31
Safari (Lisa Ure) 32
The Desert (Marsha K. Lawhorn) 33
Among the Leaves (Aubree Howard) 34
Primavera (Nicole MeUssa Wilkes) 35
Enigma (Aja Hopkinson) 36
Always Welcome (Stephanie Grant) 37
Fate (Alyson Overton) 38
Adieu to Richard I (Lisa Ure) 40
Soul Mates (Salvatore Corpaci) 41
Fishing (Marsha K. Lawhorn) 42
Apart (Megan McKnight) 43
Every So Often (Aubree Howard) 43
Misted Dreams (Aubree Howard) 44
The Gift of Rain (Amber Hyde) 45
I Yam What I Yam (L.J. Chandler) 46
Illustration (L.J. Chandler) 47
Buds of Spring (Aubree Howard) 48
Illustration (Amber Basile) 48
It Was Canyonlands' Fault I Missed the Meeting (Marsha K. Lawhorn) 49
Reverence (Christy Bartlett) 49
Our Favorite Professor (April Davis & Kelly Leatham) 50
III. Indifferent
Illustration (Amber Basile) 52
The Road (Amber Basile) 54
Builders (Alyson Overton) 56
California Lights (Aja Hopkinson) 57
Pale Gray Light (Aubree Howard) 58
Daylight (Aja Hopkinson) 59
A Solid State of Fluidity (Diana L. Hadsall) 60
Foam (Salvatore Corpaci) 61
The Lecture (Kelly Leatham) 62
Job's Gold (Alyson Overton) 62
Stealing Away (Diana L. Hadsall) 63
In Pursuit (Nicole Melissa Wilkes) 64
The Passing of an Ordinary Woman (Diana L. Hadsall) 65
Just Passing Through (L.J. Chandler) 66
Brainstorm (Aja Hopkinson) 68
Illustration (Aubree Howard) 69
Faded Dreams (Amber Hyde) 70
A Memory (Amber Basile) 70
The Indulgence (Stephanie Grant) 71
Illustration (Amber Basile) 74
The Sorceress (Diana L. Hadsall) 75
Rocket Unknown (Bradley Shaffer) 76
I Will Not Write a Poem (L.J. Chandler) 77
Lake Mead Boating Trip, August 1997 (Russell Gearhart) 78
Destinations (Aubree Howard) 79
Sun Dogs (Aubree Howard) 80
The Choice (Amber Basile) 80
River Running (Amber Hyde) 81
Not a Single Gift (Alyson Overton) 82
History of the Southern Quill 83




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