Southern Quill 1999-2000



Southern Quill 1999-2000





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover Photo (Ace G. Pilkington & Angel Pilkington)
The Turtle (Laurie Hoff) 6
Maybe a Rambow (Darryl T. Barfuss) 7
Ceramics (Liana Kempton) 7
Afternoon at the Pavilion (Jaylynn Lewis) 8
Love Poem For the Wind (Ace G. Pilkington) 9
Death Valley (Tracy Solimeno) 10
Breakfast (Dallas Cecil) 11
Life's Passion (Tracy Solimeno) 11
Sunrise (Marissa Young) 12
My One True Nemesis (Amanda R. Sadorus) 13
Pass the Deep Woods (Jaylynn Lewis) 15
Ram Dance (Marissa Young) 21
Three (Jeff Koldewyn) 22
Evening Serenity (Aubree [Howard] Larson) 23
Shattered Trust (Cindy Lee Wallace) 25
Untitled (Greg Lewis) 34
The One I Love (Nancy Roche) 35
Reality (Cindy Lee Wallace) 36
Untitled (Amanda R. Sadorus) 37
Pictures From Josh (Megan Gelter) 38
How To Keep Women Completely Uninterested In You (L. J. Chandler) 39
Gambol (Nancy Roche) 41
My First Mirage (Jeff Koldewyn) 42
The Angel (Cindy Lee Wallace) 43
The Road to Rapture (Annoelle Hardman) 45
Quintessential Any-Day (Darryl T. Barfuss) 47
The Bus Ride (Genell Christianson) 48
Heidi's Friend (Cindy Lee Wallace) 50
Dust Lies Deep (Jaylynn Lewis) 54
Is America Too Stupid For Intelligent Animation? (L.J. Chandler) 59
Binary Shakespeare (Darryl T. Barfuss) 65
Magnetic Shakespeare (L.J. Chandler) 66
King Lear (Heidi Madsen) 67
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Liana Kempton) 69
The Lion in Winter (Jocelyn Crowther) 71
Damn Yankees (Nathaniel Taggart) 73
You Never Can Tell (Heidi Madsen) 75
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Amanda R. Sadorus) 77
Lost Dreamer (Darryl T. Barfuss) 79
Marbles (Lacie Lee) 80
A Sacrifice for Charlton Heston (Todd Fallows) 81
Untitled (Liana Kempton) 81
Soldier's Farewell to Fallen Comrade (Laurie Hoff) 82
Civilian (Megan Gelter) 83
Instantaneous Realization (Tracy Solimeno) 84
Untitled (Michael Simonson) 85
Viewing the World (Aubree [Howard] Larson) 86
The History of the Southern Quill 87




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