Southern Quill 2000-2001



Southern Quill 2000-2001





The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
I. Loves Lost and Found
Photograph (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 6
The Warm Sun Sets Deep in My Heart (Prentiss Thacker) 7
So I Might Breathe (Whitney Lawhon) 8
A Moment's Pause (L. Michelle Larson) 9
Letting Go (Cami Cox) 10
Awareness (Tasha Hansen) 14
Die, Ian, Die (Gracy Marshall) 15
Happily Married (Cindy Lee Wallace) 16
Particular (Larry Getty) 21
Far and Impossible (Danyela Magee) 21
Photograph (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 22
No Satisfaction Guarantee (Whitney Lawhon) 23
II. Lights Watched from the Dark
Photograph (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 24
The Subway (Sherry Everett) 25
Mr. Destiny (Cindy Lee Wallace) 27
Far and Away (Amy Jeppson) 30
Photograph (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 31
To Find One's Self (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 32
In the Garden (Aubree Larson) 34
Parsimonious (Rachelle M. Lewis) 34
Gladiator (J. Damien Simpson) 35
Dog Stars (Ace G. Pilkington) 38
Tragedy (Prentiss Thacker) 39
Anton Chekhov (Heidi N. Madsen) 40
The Merry Wives of Windsor (Angel Pilkington) 42
Peter Pan (Lisa Ure Robertson) 44
The Merchant of Venice (Stephanie Chidester) 46
See How They Run (Heidi N. Madsen) 48
Fiddler on the Roof (Angel Pilkington) 50
Illustration (Aubree Larson
based on a photograph by J. Damien Simpson)
The Knave of Hearts (Nancy Roche) 53
Sunset (Bonnie King) 55
Desert Memories (Jennifer Ward) 56
The Lazy Sap (Prentiss Thacker) 57
A Light Drizzle (Bonnie King) 58
Mother (Prentiss Thacker) 59
Fairy Whispers (Aubree Larson) 60
Illustration (Aubree Larson) 61
The Mad Tree-house (Charles M. Pulsipher) 62
Photograph (Elizabeth Starr Healey) 63
Soup (Larry Getty) 66
Waiting Tables (Sherry Everett) 67
So I Might Breathe (Whitney Lawhon) 68
Love Thy Enemy (Cindy Lee Wallace) 69
Death's Messenger (Aubree Larson) 75
Untitled (Rachelle M. Lewis) 76
Sepulcher of the Deep (James Barden) 77
Dreams (Brooke Dobson) 78
Dealing With Intelligent Electro-Mechanical Devices (Christie Lundberg) 79
Illustration (Aubree Larson
based on a photograph by J. Damien Simpson)
Meadow (Bonnie King) 83
Incomplete (Prentiss Thacker) 83
Queen (Larry Getty) 84
And Curse Love's Name (Whitney Lawhon) 84
In the Skin We Wear (Whitney Lawhon) 85
History of the Southern Quill 87




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