Southern Quill 2002-2003



Southern Quill 2002-2003




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Sacrifice (Joe Alisa)
Chickens I (Joe Alisa)
Chickens II (Joe Alisa)
Running from a Stranger (Shea'ton Russell)
Questioning a Shadow (Shea'ton Russell)
Bare (Shea'ton Russell)
Sweet Obsession (Erica Esplin)
When I Become a Rock Star (Erica Esplin)
Description of a Farmer's Kitchen (Leslie Carter)
The Hope-To-Be-Brides (Joi Campbell)
Within the Girl (Joi Campbell)
Summer in St. George (Julie Marshal)
Becoming (Pauline Hansen)
Changes (J. J. Gilmore)
The Sometime River (Russell Estlack)
Crack in the Barn Wall (Keith Kelsch)
The Imagistic Manifesto (Keith Kelsch)
The Birthday Bike (Lindsay Ott)
The Woman Warrior (Lindsay Ott)
Hopeless (Brandon Lamb)
Enough (Sarah Mathis)
What Is Gone (Sarah Mathis)
Hard Work (Eli Stevens)
Soup Deprivation (Margaret Stringham)
Fire Sleeps On the North Slope (Lisa Leavitt)
Her Kiss (Douglas Wardle)
Coming of Age (Rubina Rivers)
A Valued Possession (Brenda Wastlund)
Prey and Predator (Ed Poehlmann)
Fifty Years Ago (Ed Poehlmann)
Butterflies (Ed Poehlmann)
Little Girls (Ed Poehlmann)
You Thought She Was Yours (Ed Poehlmann)
Tiger, Arizona (Ed Poehlmann)
Love (Jennie Oleen)
An Ode to Jocks (Benjamin Green)
True Love At Last! (Benjamin Green)
Murder and Murderability (Benjamin Green)
When Best Friends Become Roommates (Cami Cox)
Two Kinds of People In This World (Cami Cox)
Smile (Cami Cox)
Pity Cycle (Shara Drae)
Dance (Shara Drae)
Write (Shara Drae)
Harder Still (Shara Drae)




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