The Southern Quill 2004



The Southern Quill 2004




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents:
Love Pages 1-9
Essence of Spring by Kara S. Carter
Every Time I Drink You by Nicholas Jacobsen
Fire Eyes by Lora Hudson
The Man I Thought I Knew by Mylisa Jacobson
A Mothers Love by Kyle Huntsman
Soulmates by D. Lovendahl
Untitled by Daniel Burcham
Pain Pages 10-19
Untitled by Tyler Hooper
Ismatic by Seth Sadler
The Payoff by Wendi Epps
Jealousy by Erin M. Tracy
Your Love Chokes Me by Nicholas Jacobsen
Midnight by Jay Nielsen
Hollywood by Brandy Hillman
Behavior by Valerie Buck
Gossip School by Lora Hudson
The Ritual by Wendi Epps
Nature Pages 20-23
Chet and Toque by Shanalee Sadler
Riding Horne by Ashlee Jensen
Upon a Mountain Top by Jacob Wilcox
Humor Pages 24-28
Soccer Ball on Mountain Peak by Kevin Farr
Four Friends and The Sea by Erin Tracy
Ode to my Shoe by Lora Hudson
Perseverance Pages 29-47
Under Examination by Kara S. Carter
Enough by Lora Hudson
Jackie by Mandolyn Preece
My Prayer by Candice Marie Brooks
A Memory by April Young
Ten Cents by Gregory Sherwood
For the Runners by David Bolander
Silent Sonata by Leesa Ricci
The History of The Southern Quill - Pgs 48-49




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