The Southern Quill 2005



The Southern Quill 2005




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Ocean Mirror Ericka Staples 1
Photo Emily Ruesch 2
Baby Amber Hall 3
The Almost-Two Acrobat Dixie Bawden 4
Fish or Fowl Marilyn Richardson 5
Power: Microwave of the Future? Tyson Cantrell 6
Pheromones Marilyn Richardson 7
Blather On Jenny Drummond 8
Autumn Christine Greer 9
Ski Trip Dixie Bawden 10
Christmas on the Porch Kaysha Price 11
Of Trains and Boats and Whistles Gordon Soaring Hawk 16
The Glass Kingdom Aubrey A. Pederson 18
What Happened to the Fairytale? Charlotte Emett 20
Ere Long Forgotten Justin Caplin 21
Secrets of the Mesa Christine Greer 22
Photos Chelsea McCaul 23
The Pheasent by the Rail Betry J. Vickers 24
I Have Once Embraced the Cold Corpse Called Night Dustin Jackson 26
The Cowboy Christine Greer 27
The Night Stand Dustin Jackson 28
Esther Windy Talbot 29
Kamikaze Tamron Lee 30
If I Could Only Hold You Carol Bays 31
First Anniversary marlie warren 32
Intensions Clark Jolley 33
Art Piece Keith Huang 34
To See Freedom Justin Reber 35
Down Home Betty J. Vickers 45
Threshold David House 46
Photo Ryan Denison 47
Ghost Boy Lora Hudson 48
Keeping in Tact Casey Gause 50
Fear Wendi Epps 51
Eliza Derick Empey 52
Art Piece Keith Huang 64
Flames Gordon Bangert 72
On Pursuit Jordan Martin 73
The Spiteful Devil Stephen John 74
Three Floors Up Derick Empey 76
Close and Gentle Demon David House 77
Departing into the Sonic Pharmacy Tyson Cantrell 78
Changes in Perspective Charlotte Emett 80
Amanda Love Derick Empey 81
Through the Years Virginia Knudson 82
Uncovered Jenny Drummond 83
A Walk in the Park Gordon Bangert 84
Angel Shades of Blue Stephen John 95
A Voice in the Distance Ivan Church 96
Art Piece Anna Poltan 97
Always There Victoria Watson 98
A Gift Stephan B. Holladay 99
Aubade Dustin Jackson 100
There Windy Talbot 101
She Ashley Handy 102
On My Way to the Jesus Man's Salvation Hangout Gordon Soaring Hawk 104
The One Lynda Curry 106
If Today Jessica Lee Watson l07
Fire Erin Ollila 108
Derelict Tyson Cantrell 109
Brown Water Puddles Jared N. Oles 110
The Drive Danielle Blauer 111
My Father Gordon Bangert 112
Photo Emily K. Ruesch 113
Tired Hands marlie warren 114
Fears and Dreams Dalyon Ruesch 116




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