The Southern Quill 2007



The Southern Quill 2007




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


Digitized by Utah Tech University Library

Table Of Contents

Fluttering Mary Anne Trunnell 8
Lofty Inspiration Betty J. Vickers 9
Haiku Gordon Bangert 10
Atomic Sidewalk Carter Vaughn 11
Tears Conrad S. Cardinal 12
Autumn Christie Jackson 13
All Hallows' Eve Chad Lee 15
My Hidden Monster Sylvia Johansen 17
Wingless Angel Mary Anne Trunnell 20
The Runaway Place Sheri Wilkes 22
Pulling Weeds Jeanie Roberts 24
Seasons Yukiko Takeuchi 25
Every Day Stefani McKenzi 26
Non Tragic Carter Vaughn 28
The Creation Conrad S. Cardinal 29
Sea Story Betty J. Vickers 30
August Day Chad Lee 31
Flame Minnie Benson 41
Meditation Donna Stickley 42
Three Magic Words Kristen Shimomiya 43
Star Strewn Riddle April Jones 44
Cinderella Girl Jesse Laws 45
Snow in the Desert Sheri Wilkes 46
Life at 3 Christie Jackson 47
Truth vs. Reality Wendi Epps 48
Reaching for the Light Melody Dick 50
Winter's Sugar April Jones 52
Disguise Kathrine Thomas 53
An Old Guitar and a Capo Sarah Tritsch 54
Ex-Con Aaron Otto Jepsen 55
The Great Wall D. Gary Christian 56
Dream Catcher Joan Runs Through 58
Confession Ashlee Koller 59
Stream Joseph Seeley 69
Fantasy Donna Stickley 70
Recycling Paula deAnda 71
Carcross in the Yukon D. Gary Christian 72
Alone Lindsay Ingram 73
Selfish Pride Wendi Epps 74
Over You Kristy Hunt 75
(Untitled) Jesse Laws 76
Never Grow Out of It Annalee Bundy-Carpenter 77
The Storm Royal Donnelly 78
A Different Type of Death in the Family Janae Hawk 79
On the Beach at Eden Jeanie Roberts 81
Lightning Strike Joan Runs Through 82
You Are There Lindsay Ingram 83
Crunching Snow Mini Benson 84
One Annalee Bundy-Carpenter 85
Imagine Angelica Rodriguez 86
Haiku Gordon Bangert 89
History of The Southern Quill 90-92
Short Stories
My List by Lindsay Ingram 32
The Faded Blue Ribbon by Justin Sharp 60
Locks of Love by Tel Stewart Front Cover
Stand Strong by Kristen Shimomiya Back Cover
A Ghostly, Frosty Night by Tel Stewart 14
Untitled by Rebecka Cooper 16
Untitled by Rebecka Cooper 19
Old Man Tree by Janae Hawk 23
Untitled by Gordon Bangert 25
After Night Life by Janae Hawk 27
Pines Cones by Bryaun Skinner 40
Untitled by Rebecka Cooper 49
Kiln by Bryaun Skinner 51
Racers by Mike Preston 67
The Stick by Bryaun Skinner 68
Untitled Rebecka Cooper 80
Red Berries by Tel Stewart 87
Cedar Flowers by Annnie Bundy Carpenter 88




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