The Southern Quill 2008



The Southern Quill 2008




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Dustin Jackson New Year Celebration 1
Royal Donnelly Unrequited 2
D. Gary Christian Buffalo Beans and Buttercups 4
Jeffrey Ostler Because 5
Kristy Hunt Give it Back 7
Rachel McCausland Hello, Sir Change 8
Toshi Dietz Agony and Apathy 10
K. Marrott Ears 12
Robin Hampton Death of My Aunt 13
K. Marrott Family Tree 15
Jon Platten Heroes 16
Nerrissa Cannon The Day Ahead 18
Janae Hawk A Summer's Eve 19
Robin Hampton Sister: A Dedication to the Virgin River 21
Erin Riggs Palette 22
Myrianne Heaton Sprinkles 23
Krissy Morwood The Vampire's Song 24
Casie McNaughton Darkened Night 27
Melanie Florence Waiting at the Las Vegas Airport 28
Dustin Jackson LEAvE ME ALONe 30
Jenica Maxwell American Haiku 31
Nerrissa Cannon Kaleidoscope 32
Phillip Evans Tuckett The Man in the Back Room 61
Phillip Evans Tuckett Indifference Defeated 35
Mary Anne Trunnell The Victim 39
Elaina Westegaard The Black Lacquer Jewelry Box 49
Visual Art
Shaylee Bailey The River Styx Cover
Tracy Worthington Light of My Heart 3
Gary Stanley The Grid 6
Aaron Westegaard Dead Tree 2 14
Janna Eno Slowly 17
Josh Wilson Turquoise Necklace 20
Mary Anne Trunell Stewing In The Dark 25
Rachel McCausland Don't Look Away 26
Chirs Onstott Spot 33
Diana Stanley Clouds 34
Jayne Rich Road 38
Chris Onstott Swan 48




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