The Southern Quill 2011



The Southern Quill 2011




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

3 Markay Brown Dylan Thomas’ Writing Room, South Wales
4 Ariel Chamberlain Remember
5 Gary Christian Summer Interlude
6 Keith Cliver The Girl in Art Class
7 Hunter Cox Eden
8 The Shrine
10 Majorie Eno Crayon Drawn Letters
11 Lynn Vernon Floyd Traditions
12 Sam A. Jackson Buckskin Mountain
14 Mornin’ Songs
16 Old Barns and Men
19 Myrianne Jones Early Morning
20 Chelsi Sutton-Linderman Dishes
22 Considering the Mojave
24 Travis Marker Binghamton Heat
26 Jenica Maxwell The Last Stanza
28 Kami McArthur In the Corner of the Library
30 Colonel Miller’s Mansion
31 Stephen D. Nadauld Death’s Door
32 Marie Tollstrup Kachina
33 Loom
34 Nova Wahl Glass Music Box
37 Micki Ericksen Scraps
43 Elaine Wilson-Sharp Clank
47 Sean Scott Pitch Black Attic
2 Libby Booth Stupid Cat in the City
36 Jeff Ames Zulu-Zero & The Kids
54 Peter Wiarda Iron to Iron, Dust to Dust
55 Arleth Lujan-Ponce Blue Spirit
55 Jamie Leavitt InnerSanctum
56 Keenan Schwalger Samoan Tattoo
57 Krishel Smith Baby
58 Micki Eriksen Open Wide
58 Jamie Leavitt Color Perspective
59 Robert Curl Man’s Dearest Creation, the Absolute
60 Jordan Goodrich Pocket Spot
61 Micki Eriksen Prickles
61 Jordan Goodrich Sands Motel
62 Arleth Lujan-Ponce Not Just Snow
62 Ashlee Millett Twin Falls, Idaho
63 Micki Ericksen Desert Snow
64 Peter Wiarda Sunflower Soliloquy
65 Ashlee Millett Special
66 Libby Booth Look What I Found!
67 Untitled (Happy Kids)
68 Nova Wahl Cactus
70 Micki Ericksen Remember When
71 Marjorie Eno Ultimatum
75 David Cordero The Longest Hit
81 Kami McArthur Sam A. Jackson, Cowboy Poet
85 Stephen B. Armstrong In Love with the Movies: Joseph McBride
93 Randy Jasmine The Ramones and Rock ‘n’ Roll High School
101 Jeff Ames Utah’s Cinematic History: A Conversation with James D’Arc
110 Elaine Wilson-Sharp Book Review: When Hollywood Came to Town




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