The Southern Quill 2013



The Southern Quill 2013




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
La Leche del Espiritu Daniel Sly 2
Milk of the Spirit (English Trans.) Daniel Sly 3
Gas Stations Erika Larsen 4
Sailing Home Stephanie Millett 6
More Than Two Garrett Faylor 7
Balm of Gilead Rachel Robins 9
Spooning with Loneliness Rachel Robins 10
Winter Haiku Rachel Robins 11
Keirseys Prometheus Bronson D. Beatty 12
Safe ... Nathan Lemke 13
Narrative for Today Jeffrey Ostler 14
Getting a Handle for Marge Piercys To Be of Use Barbara J. Funke 15
Cocoa Wars Brian Stine 16
Heroes Brian Stine 17
Flutter and Fall Brian Stine 18
Progress Lin Floyd 19
Hunger for Connection Lin Floyd 20
Shadows Lin Floyd 21
At the Open-Mic Darren Edwards 22
Afflatus Darren Edwards 25
Struck Marie Tollstrup 26
Out of the Fog Marie Tollstrup 29
Refined Aging Marie Tollstrup 30
My Golden Cecilia Nathan Shapiro 31
Bukowski, Bukowski, Bukowski Nathan Shapiro 32
Visual Arts
I Love You Teddy Cheyenne Dutson 36
Dangerously Sweet Butterfly Cheyenne Dutson 37
Hatter n His Bone Adrian Vanderhoof 37
Red Adrian Vanderhoof 38
Sanctuary Rachel Robins 39
Sun-kissed Rachel Robins 39
Rainbow Cranes Andrew Neff 40
Tatami Dreamscape Andrew Neff 41
Driving Lesson John Harmon 44
Lyrics Etched in Sand, Doused in Sweat Payton Davis 48
Backyard Grief Melissa Felt Lewis 54
The Art of Historic Memory Joel Lewis 60
Going Through Life Sideways: Fritz Lang s Violence With His Female Characters Elaine Wilson 64
The Last Game David Cordero 69




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