The Southern Quill 2015



The Southern Quill 2015




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Editors Note vii
Poetry 1
The Annie Atkin Tanner Memorial Poetry Scholarship Fund 2
Poetry Scholarship Winners 3
My Ring Kelsey Robertson 3
On the Edge of Lapping Water Missy Jessop 4
Night Before Missy Jessop 5
First Mesa Missy Jessop 6
Climate Change Kate Kirkham 7
Discovery By Kate Kirkham 8
Saturday Specials Marleen Bussma 9
Open, Sesame Barbara Funke 10
retitled Skyler Hunt 11
The Prize Betty J. Vickers 12
Trees Tale Marie Tollstrup 13
Wooded Sanctuary Marie Tollstrup 14
Pots Talk Marilyn Ball 15
Modern Conformism: An Honest Selfie Ashley Imlay 16
In My Nature Ashley Imlay 17
I Guess This Means that Were in Love Now Braxton Thornley 18
The Day after the Avalanche Braxton Thornley 19
Damnation and Things Braxton Thornley 20
The Way the Rain Tastes Braxton Thornley 22
Who Defines Crazy if Were all Crazy? Kassidy Waddell 23
Zions Dance Lin Floyd 24
Fiction 26
The Wish I Wish Tonight Aaron Palmer 28
Change of Fortune Gregory Murray 33
Places in Between Gregory Murray 36
A Knowing Heart Betty J. Vickers 39
Presumed Innocent Betty J. Vickers 44
Into the Blue Melanie Florence 50
Visual Arts 57
Self Portrait Beth Nietfeld 58
Forever Strong David Hulet 59
St. George Overlook Lexi Howard 59
Soda Bottles Bryce Smith 60
Turquoise Anna Kondrashova-Cortes 60
Chasing Pavements Toree Hafen 61
Layers of Solitude Lin Floyd 62
Patriotic Bench David Hulet 62
Self Portrait with Red Mattie Larsen 63
Upward Gregory Murray 64
Cat Alyssa Nielson 65
Barbwire Bryce Smith 65
Happy Memories David Hulet 66
Princess Puzzle Jan Benson 66
Shelter from the Storm Condie Friddle 67
Sir Archibald of Antioch Shane Batistich 68
Pansy Bryce Smith 69
Perfect Ending David Hulet 69
Sunset Silhouette David Hulet 70
Where the Lonely Ones Roam Nicole Winona 70
Machine Part Macro Annette Frazier 71
Tricycle Condie Friddle 72
Yellow Lichen Jaleesa Dumas 72
A Marbleous Idea Nicole Winona 73
Nonfiction 75
Gum Missy Jessop 76
Under the Overpass, Through the Gorge David Henderson 77
Procrastination Keiran Presland 82
Brought Down by Barbie Candace Klawitter 84
Among a Sea of Stoplights Braxton Thornley 87
POW Kelsey Robertson 89
Young Writers 93
Who I Want To Be By Lindsay Livingston 94
Melting By Sydney Slade 95
Charlie and Finn By Bethany Lowe 96
Volcanoes Bethany Lowe 97
Life By Lucas Nielsen 97
The Runaway Deslie Barlow 98
Minecraft Addict Thought David Dursteler 99
The Grade Alyssa Stevens 100
The First Snow Anna Gardiner 103
In The Eyes of Society Makayla Carter 104
Until The End Rachel Barker 106
Nature Poem Sariah Chamberlain 108
Departing from my Shell Trevor Dalton 110
Discovering the World Kaitlyn Bair 112
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder Sariah Chamberlain 112
Sweet Retreat Kaitlyn Bair 113
Ascending Hope Kaitlyn Bair 113
Call for Contributors 114
Considering A Four-Year Degree? 115




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