The Southern Quill 2017



The Southern Quill 2017




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Editors Note (v)
The Annie Atkin Tanner Scholarship Fund 1
Scholarship Recipients 2
Swing Set Sam Bartholomew 5
windows naythan bell 6
Green Onions Markay Brown 7
Celestial Unrest Rachel Coulam 8
Distressed to Perfection Lyndsey Craig 9
Dissociative Memory Joanna Ellsworth 10
aubade Ashley Imlay 12
SQ Spotlight: Big Finish Kimberly Johnson 13
black enough Jalen Jones 16
Remnants of War Tamron Lee 17
C Zen Brayden Morris 19
Waltzing Before Breakfast Valerie Owens 21
The Girl Lost in Time Eva Sanchez 23
Man With Shopping Cart Full Of Books Loren Smith 25
The Monsoon Braxton Thornley 26
Exit Marie Tollstrup 28
Someone Stepped on That Banana Chip Kassidy Waddell 29
Bad Luck Stephen B. Armstrong 33
1875 McKenzi Blomquist 37
The Permian Extinction Gordon Brown 41
Hard Time Annaliese Ott 45
Borsch Rosenkranz Warren Stucki 47
Interview with Sian Griffiths 59
Creative Nonfiction
Written in Lights Camilynne Basile 67
Bites Brittany Bennett 71
If I Fall, Dont Wake Me Up Krista Kirkham 77
The Road to Quito M. B. Wright 81
Young Writers
A Stranger No More Qunoot Albidani 91
Staying Strong Ethan Allen 94
Two Countries- One Heart Jessenia Ramirez Bracamontes 96
Where We Belong Dallin Christensen 99
A Butler Surprise Jaidyn Crookston 101
Celestial Spoonfuls Monet Jorgensen 106
The Grandfathers Only Hope Norbert Ramazani 107
The World Today Sarah Williams 109
Visual Arts (in order of appearance)
Sublime Kathy D. Johnson 11
Horse With No Name Kathy D. Johnson 11
The Broadway Star Kola Weisbrich 15
The Scerriswheel Emily Martinez 18
Shadow Cage Lin Floyd 24
Century Lin Floyd 27
Reach Below Greg Murray 40
mortuus est Joseph Gorospe 40
Rockin Robbies House of Voodoo Emily Martinez 46
Strider Rebecca Harrison 63
quod honest est Joseph Gorospe 64
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond Valerie Owens 64
A Sturdy Foundation Rebecca Harrison 70
Self- Portrait Stewart Seidman 76
Vitality Joseph Gorospe 88
Angela Landon Adams 89
Jump Rope Stewart Seidman 95
Contributor Notes 111
Call For Contributors 114
Special Thanks 115




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