The Southern Quill 2018



The Southern Quill 2018




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


Digitized by Utah Tech University Library

Table Of Contents

VIII Editors Notes
IX Annie Atkin Tanner Memorial Poetry Scholarship
X Naythan M. Bell Ficition Award
15 Cadence Summers AB
16 Sara Martinez Race Confused
18 Jacob Shakespeare Family Bones
19 Stacy Dixon Almost
20 Lorraine Jeffery Word Song
22 Bronson D. Beatty Little Eggs
25 Brynna Tanner Sun Spot
27 Jennifer Marsh Realistic Expectations
28 Alexander Derbidge 3 Months in the Desert
30 Braxton Thornley Aperture
31 Jeremy Jocelyn Ode to the Knife
33 Logan Stott Fortune Cookies &
Read Label
34 Shane Frampton The Bridge
36 Cassandra Smith Stars In My Skin
37 Michael Guynn Wise Old King
39 Eva Sanchez Life is About the Two Letters in the Middle: IF
45 Alexander Derbidge How to Get Into Selling Drugs
51 Leslie Twitchell Signs of Terror
60 Braxton Thornley Rocks, Words &
A Tree
66 Alex Everett February Oranges
68 Sara Martinez The Slow March of the Flower Girl
76 Romee Johnson Deceiving Peels
89 Chelsea Flake Rebinders
95 Markay Brown Pine Sol and Chanel #5
97 Lorraine Jeffery A Gallon of Water
106 Ben Luce The All-American Dad
Young Adult
115 Elizabeth Stewart Wolfs Moonlit Valley
117 Mikaila Worthen Will You?
119 Rachel Hatch Making A Change
121 Vanessa Ottley My Dad
Visual Arts (in order of appearanace)
13 Havoc Hendricks Granite Panels
18 Jason Millward Untitled
21 Jody Gerber Breaking Free
24 Jessie Pectol Dont You Forget
26 Tanner Lund Untitled
29 Sean Bauer Grafton
30 Burkley Page Black and White Tunnel
32 Stone Lambert Carry Out
43 Gary Jacobson Rhino
45 Beau Elliot Untitled
59 Cortney Carter Mental Wilderness
75 Tyler Swain Banana Portrait
84 Chuck Landvatter Untitled
94 Theresa Swindell Untitled
97 Michael Wall Unalterable Nuage
105 Andrew Rice Melancholia
113 David Habben The Floods
116 Zariah Tracy Silence
120 Paxton Gibson Meraviglia
122 Featured Artist: Ryder Boren
130 Call for Contributors
130 Considering a 4-year degree in English?
132 Contributors Notes
139 Special Thanks




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