The Southern Quill 2019



The Southern Quill 2019




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Editors Note
Special Thanks
6 Naythan M. Bell Fiction Award
7 Rattled: James Jared Ford
9 Existentialist Pie: Jim Lupher
12 Kiss in the Dust: Krista Kirkham
15 Emergency Landing: Andrew Hutchinson
17 101 Tallies: Autumn Nuzman
21 Danube So Blue: Scott Rhoades
28 In Dear Edwins Arms: Scott Rhoades
Creative Non-Fiction
36 Waiting for Odin: Therin Alo Alrik
40 take a picture it will last longer (than this relationship): Graham Bany
44 Preserved: Spencer Soul/td>
50 A Night Downtown: Kassidy Waddell
58 Annie Atkin Tanner Memorial Poetry Scholarship
59 Before You Pulled the Trigger: Paige Ottosen
60 Due Thanks: Cassandra Smith
61 what time is it?: Graham Bany
62 Unbuckling Orions Belt: Mikela Carter
63 Clueless: Sue Leth
64 Wound Care: Stacy W. Julin
65 An Ode (to mania): Kate Wilson
67 I Never Knew: Lorraine Jeffery
68 The Puddle: McCoy Allen Sizemore
69 Thoughts on my Nieces Growing Up: Jennifer Marsh
70 Paper Feathers: Bonnie J. Anderson
72 Shoes to Ship Overseas: Austin Anderson
73 November Twenty-Second, Seventeen: Patrick Dockstader
74 Watching A Movie With You: Yali Huang
76 Squeegee and Birdsong: Lisa Roullard
78 Swimming Pool: Katie Strubel
Young Adult
81 All The Women I Long to Be: Hanna Muzquiz
82 Sunshine Boy: Emily Young
83 Everybody Wants Something: Aaron Wang
86 Lemons: Angel Dawn Phelps
86 Strength to Speak: Angel Dawn Phelps
87 Friday Shower/Saturday Coffee: Amy Timpson
Visual Arts (in order of appearance)
5 Tribute to MLK: Stewart Seidman
14 Sea of Stars: Shea Russell
20 Binary: Ryan Tinsley
27 Im A Different Person Now: Beau Elliot
35 Celebration: Spencer Wilson
39 Urban Pink: Gloria West
43 Musical Chairs: McGarren Flack
49 Your Shadow Covers Me: Ryan Tinsley
55 Celebration II: Spencer Wilson
57 Friends: Beau Elliott
66 The Line Collection: Mallery Marsh
71 Monochrome Nihon: Tanner Lund
75 Savers: Jordan Talley
77 Favourite Places // Faces: Shane Stewart
80 Celestial Environment: Michael Wall
88 Featured Writer: Ace G. Pilkington
93 Contributors Notes
99 History of The Southern Quill
101 Considering a 4-Year Degree in English?
102 The 1985-1986 Southern Quill Staff




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