The Southern Quill 2020



The Southern Quill 2020




The Southern Quill is an annual publication of poetry, short fiction, and artwork of Dixie State University students and community members.

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Materials may be used for educational purposes. Please credit Special Collections & Archives, Utah Tech University.


UA016 Southern Quill


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Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents
Creative Non?ction
Open or Avowed Ashton Barney 21
Creciendo in English (Growing up in English) Sonja Blea 29
No One Sleeps Kari Monet 32
This Sucks, But I Love It Ryan Gibb 37
The Turning Point Angelina Groneman 44
Golden Field, Red Barn Julie Martin 48
Inch by Inch Tia Molloy 52
Snapshots of October Devon Robinson 56
In Between Two Worlds Alejandra Henriquez Roncal 60
A Story Told in Bugs Cadence Summers 63
Flash Drought Cadence Summers 67
One Night in the Sahara Wendy Bird Womack 69
If You Love the Wrong Person Ayrion Ardella 75
Two to One Autumn Nuzman 77
Limbo Kelsey Sherman 81
Mr. Carsons Day O? Piper Christensen 87
The Train Lexi Rogers 95
Mud Jarrett Childers 99
A Night to Remember Richard Wayman 104
Desert Cottontail Matthew Landis 108
Bet My Life on It Jacob Taylor 112
Fresh Air Abigail Patterson 116
The Firebreak Spencer Soule 122
Kismet Dr. Stucki 128
Black and Blue Katie Strubel 132
The Transformation Mary McFadden 140
A Shadows Hand Jarrett Childers 146
Yellow Amber Healey 152
X= Jarrett Childers 152
De Colores Angelica Chavez 153
White Synesthesia Kelsi-Ann Tullinen 157
Vinyl Tashiyapoba RunsThrough 158
Mud Pies Bonnie Anderson 159
West Black Ridge, St. George, Utah Kari Monet 161
Redundancy Cora Williamson 165
Dark Honey Katie Strubel 166
WYOMING, 1815 Trevor Knorr 167
Blind Tresha Ayag 169
Navajo Granddaughters Coming of Age Teresa Parr 171
Fear is not Shame Taylor Connor 173
Itll Be Grand Sarah Hinze 177
A Conversation with my Father I Never Had S. T. Brant 179
Orange Pill Bottles Riley Anderton 180
Dad Leaving from the Armory Ryan Gibb 181
Two Faces Robyn Herring 182
Escapism Rebecca Goates 183
Musings on my MRI Rachel Robins 185
Why? Mikenley McQuiston 189
The Last Day on Earth Max Reese 195
In My Mind Mary McFadden 197
Abandoned Lin Vernon Floyd 198
In Season Katie Strubel 199
An Anti-Social-Social-Butter?y Katie Snow 201
The Welcoming Committee: a true story Je?rey Wald 203
Millennial Dating and Relationships Denali Lathrop 205
Desert Prayers Lorraine Je?ery 207
Young Adult
Our Life Expires Like a Tomato Autumn Best 211
A Thought Martha Bown 212
Words to the Breeze Aris Gonzalez 213
Lost. Aris Gonzalez 215
EDNOS Trevor Harris 217
Women in STEM Megan Lea 218
2,263.3 Miles Instead of the Usual 5,024 Jessica Te 219
New York Alice Ewell 220
Hope for You Paige Mangelson 223
South Dakota Bridger Fleming 224
Stepping in Time Charity Ford 225
The Window Holland Christo?ersen 229
Visual Arts
Cloud Re?ection Greg Murray 27
Clearing Storm Greg Murray 28
Colorful Peru 1 Aljandra Henriquez Roncal 36
The Feeling of Being Stared At Zadia Machado 43
Bitter Sweets Haven Goodman 47
Peaces Halo Haven Goodman 55
Untitled Janna Jensen 59
The Great Salt Lake Ian McFadden 66
Severance Andrew Rice 72
Hodological Space Andrew Rice 80
Intimate Decay 1 Kate Percival 85
Intimate Decay 2 Kate Percival 86
Desert Dreams Ian McFadden 94
There by the Window Andrew Rice 98
I am a Cheater Carson McMaster 111
Chicken in Blue Abby Youngberg 120
Sun?owers in Blue Vase Jason Dunn 121
First Time? Jileigh Heaton 127
On the Way to Zion Jileigh Heaton 131
Colorful Peru 2 Aljandra Henriquez Roncal 138
Expressionistic Pine Valley Mountain Jileigh Heaton 139
Shattered Thoughts Jileigh Heaton 145
My Necromancer Girlfriend Nichole Talbo 148
Ernest Hemingway Stewart Seidman 156
Stretching Clay Brian Covington 164
Its okay to forget Carson McMaster 176
Tension McGarren Flack 188
Azure Mist 1 Gloria West 192
Azure Mist 2 Gloria West 193
Azure Mist 3 Gloria West 194
By The Pool Ali Ewell 216
ANT! Christ Gaylen Bailey 221
Self Portrait Collage Autumn Best 222
Still Life Kylee Richins 228
Behave Lenneah Crawford 234
Artist Spotlight: Celeste Campbell 235
Author Bios 241




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